Screen PrintingScreen Printing magazine is the leading publication and trusted source of information for the screen-printing industry. Every issue of the magazine covers news, products, features, and also includes cutting-edge columns that educate and inform professionals in the screen-printing industry about the latest methods, equipment, and materials. However, topics aren’t limited to printing techniques, but also include alternative imaging processes, color management, prepress, ink developments, finishing technology, cutting-edge applications, and more.

Simply put, Screen Printing, and its website,, support professionals with collaborative information geared to their exact field of concentration to help them save time, money, and energy.

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Murray Kasmenn, President
Lou Arneberg, Senior Market Strategist
Jim Karwowski, Senior Market Strategist

Screen Printing magazine is a cornerstone of industry knowledge where new and experienced printers can find details about the latest methods, examples, and products available. It’s a great informative resource for screen printing manufacturers and suppliers.
Thomas Trimingham,
I’ve been reading SP magazine for over 30 years, and every issue I still learn something new.
Andy MacDougall, MacDougall Screen Printing Ltd.
ScreenWeb is an interesting Website, and Screen Printing is a highly recommended magazine for screen printers.
Bhargav Mistry, Grafica Flextronica