BXP LogoFormerly Package Design, each issue of Brand Experience magazine (BXP) is full of the news and information professional package designers need to stay abreast of the latest innovations, materials, and technology driving the packaging industry. As the only publication that presents all of this critical information, BXP is proud to present our readers with the useful insights they need to succeed.

BXP features profiles of extraordinary design projects, teams, and processes. Our features present insight into the products, workflow, and the technologies that go into creating the finest packaging in the world. Feature articles cover independent packaging design companies, internal package design teams within consumer product companies, and private label design teams within distribution companies.

Each issue is a forum for designers to discuss the latest trends and most useful methods that get results at retail. The editorial also presents a current snapshot of the graphic and structural tools and trends that have the biggest impact on different packaging segments. And the companion website, www.bxpmagazine.com, gives designers the hottest news, trends and products from across the marketplace.

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Gerri Brownstein, Publisher
Linda Casey, Editor-in-Chief
Murray Kasmenn, President

BXP has become a great resource for new ideas, making our company think in ways that never occurred to us.
BXP Reader
BXP Magazine keeps me informed with the industry and helps me and my clients achieve our goals.
BXP Reader
BXP has helped us find new avenues to pursue in the improvement of our packaging, through new techniques and innovations
BXP Reader
I like to hear about innovation, and try to apply those innovations to the products my company produces. BXP does a good job showing new materials and uses for those materials.
BXP Reader
BXP makes me want to create better, sustainable, environmental packaging. It makes me think of more than one way of doing things and keeps fresh in my mind there are lots companies out there coming up with new solutions everyday!
BXP Reader