View our ad material specifications here.

Advertisers may send their files electronically using our browser enabled FTP. The following must accompany any ad sent electronically before it will be accepted for placement in our publications:

Ad Materials: We prefer PDF-X1a files for our ads. If you do not know how to create a PDF-X file, please see our instructions on the advertising tab. Advertisers or their agencies must provide a go-by for comparison if submitting application files. A medium resolution PDF with fonts and images embedded is acceptable as a go-by (please check the PDF prior to sending to ensure it is correct), or a fax to 513.421.5144 with all color breaks clearly marked if the ad is in color. If no acceptable go-by is provided for application files, we will not use the file.

Certified Color Press Proof: Advertisers must also indicate whether they will be sending a press proof via mail; or, if you desire a color press proof and would like ST Media to have one created for them, since they will not be providing one. If you wish to have us pull a color press proof, it is an additional cost of $30. If advertisers will not be sending or pulling a press proof, their ad will be run as it was created in their file to SWOP standards, and ST will not be responsible for final color output. Advertisers must indicate in writing which option they desire; please send an e-mail with their preference to the proper Production Coordinator for the magazine they are submitting their ad for, or include a Word document with instructions when sending the ad file.

Print ad materials contact:

Digital ad materials contact:

All web banner advertising materials should be directed to:


Email ad materials contacts:

Email materials for Big Picture, Screen Printing, and Signs of the Times — Eric Caoili

Email materials for BXP, and VMSD — Jacob Rieskamp

To use our web enabled FTP:

Open any browser (Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox) add the URL address:

Click on the magazine for which you want to drop off files, then the ads in button. Direct the browser to the correct file to send and hit the upload button to complete your request. Once your file has successfully been uploaded, a message window will appear on your screen with a link back to your file, if you do not see one, your file has not been uploaded. Progress on the sending of your file is monitored in the browser, usually the lower right hand corner.

Large files will take quite a bit of time, depending on the speed of your internet connection. We suggest zipping your files to decrease file size.

If you have any questions, please contact the Production Coordinator, Linda Volz, at 800.925.1110, ext. 340, or email at